Good Investments

[Chelsae Anne | Photographer]

WEARING -> DENIM JACKET, TEE, SKINNY JEANSBAG (similar), SANDALS (similar here and here), WATCH, SUNNIES (similar): Nordstrom

There are trends and then there are pieces that never go out of style. “Staples,” as I like to call them. Pieces you’ll wear again and again.

Sure, you can 100% replicate this look using cheaper pieces but that’s not the point. If you shop with that kind of mentality, you’ll lose a lot of money. Fast. Seriously. Think of how many times you bought a white t-shirt for $35 – only to throw it away after three washes. Cue: new white t-shirt every three months. $35 x 4 = $140 for white t-shirts/year. No bueno.

Second, you don’t need to have a lot of stuff, just a few really good pieces to build a wardrobe. Good jeans that fit (and make you feel like Audrey Hepburn). A denim jacket. Sure, it’s boring but I guarantee you will wear it every weekend. Black sandals. Because you’re dressed up immediately after wearing them. And they go with everything. A classic tee. And a good bag.

It took me a long time to realize this. Ahh… #twenties

Which is why I kept today’s post simple. Whether you buy the entire look or snag one item, you won’t be disappointed. Each piece will stand the test of time. Let’s take this t-shirt for example. It’s from Frame (GREAT brand) a la Nordstrom. It costs $119. Assuming it lasts 2 years, it comes out to about $15/month. Or 3 drinks from Starbucks.

How about my Chloe bag? It’s the Nano version. Slightly smaller than the Drew. Nordstrom carries it in three different colors (black/white, beige and red). It’s $1250. Assuming it lasts 5 years (that’s low balling it – this bag will last at least 10), it comes out to about $21/month. Or 4 drinks from Starbucks.

Embracing fashion is fun. Trust me, I get to play around with some amazing pieces. But making good investments (yes, you read that correctly on The Style Bungalow – investments) are better. [insert nerd emoji here]

Shop today’s look below! And be sure to check out Nordstrom for the latest in designer fashion.

Xo, Stephanie

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Classic Shirtdress

[Chelsae Anne | Photographer]

WEARING -> DRESS, HEELS, BAG (similar), SUNNIES (similar), WATCH, EARRINGS: Nordstrom

I’m BACK! Back in beautiful, beautiful Florida. I’ve been in Dallas the past four days attending a blogger conference called #rStheCon. From brand meetings to classes on ways I can grow + expand my blog to cocktail parties and late night dinners with (new and old) friends, it’s been a whirlwind. I’m wiped out. So much in fact, that I’ve completely lost my voice. Not sure if it’s from allergies or exhaustion? Or the copious amounts of champagne all weekend? Either way, I need some serious rest.

This week I’m going on a staycation to the Palms Hotel & Resort in Miami Beach. Talk about perfect timing?! I plan to unplug, soak up some sunshine and visit my friends in Miami. I’ve only been to the property once for dinner so I’m excited to finally experience the hotel. My friends say great things about it. Should be fun! Hopefully the rain clears up.

But enough about that. Let’s chat style.

Today I’m wearing an Elizabeth and James classic shirtdress from Nordstrom with Christian Louboutin ‘So Kate’ nude heels, a Saint Laurant baby tote (similar here) with vintage-inspired sunnies and a few accessories, like a Larsson & Jennings gold watch and pompom earrings.

I loved this dress the second I tried it on. I knew I would. Elizabeth and James runs small (a great brand for petites) and tends to be very flattering on most women. So I bought it. Rushed home. Jumped back into it. Ran into my closet. And froze.

How on earth do I style it?

It’s so simple. Versatile. Can be worn with gladiator sandals. Sneakers. Heels. Over a swimsuit. With a sunhat. What direction do I take?

Whenever this happens to me, I think of two things.

First, color. What colors compliment white? Not just any shade of white. A vanilla bean white. Cue: light pinks and warm nudes.

Second, theme. Where will I wear this dress? Most likely, Palm Beach. Where homes are gorgeous and the ladies are glamourous. Cue: designer heels + designer bag.

Had it been Mexico, I would have styled it with a straw tote + slides. New York? Black loafers + structured tote with statement sunglasses. LA? Denim jacket + white sneakers. Paris? Red lipstick + trench coat. Florence? Striped sweater + cute sun hat. You get the gist.

Shop today’s look from Nordstrom – thanks for stopping by! I’m off to bed.

Xo, Stephanie

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T-Shirt Style

[Chelsae Anne | Photographer]

GRAPHIC TEE: more options here/SKIRT, SANDALS, YSL TOTE: (c/o) Neiman Marcus/SUNNIES: similar/EARRINGS, SILK SCARF: (c/o) Ann Taylor

I remember wearing graphic tees with popular logos (you know which ones I’m talking about) back in high school when they were all the rage. Not since then have I seen graphic tees reemerge back onto the fashion scene until recently. Now it seems everyone’s wearing + making their own iterations of “the expensive t-shirt.” Cue: Gucci, Chanel, Givenchy, Moschino, etc.

“Here. Take my credit card, please. Thank you!”

Before you scoff and gimme some side-eye at the thought of spending a nice chunk of change on a t-shirt, hear me out. Vintage tees last longer. Significantly longer than your average white t-shirt. And they go with everything! Which makes sense financially long-term, right?

Don’t judge. I’m just trying to justify my spending habits. #confessionsofashopaholic

But in all seriousness! A tee works well with boyfriend jeans. A beautiful midi skirt (mixing that high and low). With a pair of wide leg pants. Just about anything you can think of. Talk about versatility. Which = a good purchase in my book.

Scroll up + click the pink links for today’s look. And click here for more graphic tee options a la Neiman Marcus!

Ciao, ciao!

Xo, Stephanie

Gimme Those Pants!

[Chelsae Anne | Photographer]


Doesn’t matter if you’re going to work or struttin’ your stuff down Worth Ave., a pair of wide leg pants work for all occasions. Intimidated to try it? Don’t be. Think you’re too short? Newsflash: I’m 5’2. It’s a trend that works for every body type. But there’s a catch. Hint: It’s all about the shoe, honey.

I stand by the rule that you can pull off any silhouette, if it’s balanced. Wearing a heel with wide leg pants is a must. It elongates the leg, which is key, especially for petite ladies like yours truly. Try these sandals from Ann Taylor.

To show my waistline and minimize excess bulk + fabric, I half-tucked in my off-the-shoulder top. It’s chic and super easy to style. (Cue: Katherine Hepburn and Jackie O) You can wear this top with a blazer (during the day) and take it off (at night) for after-hour drinks. #winwin

A mix of gold bangles, a jewel-encrusted ring and statement earrings add glam!

And a silk scarf to finish the look. (You guys know how much I love scarves.)

Still unsure if you should buy a pair of wide leg pants? Don’t be. Just do it. I promise, they’ll become your new best friend! Shop today’s look from Ann Taylor below (they’re killing it lately!).

Xo, Stephanie

P.S. Dallas, I’m comin’ for ya this week! I’ll be in the area for the RewardStyle Conference. If you’re from Dallas, please comment below with your recommendations on what to do, see, eat and drink! See ya soon!

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What Should I buy…?

Lately, I’m all things pink. Pink accessories. Pink tops. Pink shoes. You name it. Gimme it all in PINK, please!

 But I need your help…

These six items are currently sitting in my shopping cart and I don’t know which ones I should buy?

  1. Pink Statement Earrings – more here
  2. Pink Graphic Tee – more here
  3. Pink Crop Top – more here
  4. Pink Slides – more here
  5. Pink Tote – more here
  6. Pink Vintage Sweater – more here

What’s your favorite item? Comment below!

And be sure to take advantage of Shopbop’s sale because almost everything (yes – sale included) is discounted until Friday! Use code: EVENT17. Click here for more

Xo, Stephanie

Surprise Shopbop Sale!

[Photography by Gen Street Style] 

TOP: (c/o) Shopbop – more options here/JEANS: more options here/SANDALS: (c/o) Shopbop – more options here/MINI TOTE: (c/o) Shopbop – more options here/EARRINGS: (c/0) Shopbop – more options here

File today’s post under: “Confessions of a Shopaholic”

I’m a pretty, PRETTY big fan of online sales and Shopbop just announced a really, REALLY good one. Whether you’re looking to inject some new pieces into your wardrobe or take advantage of the sale, I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to find something – between 20-25% off, depending on how much you spend.

Browse the sale here, and if you see something you love, SNAP it up and checkout – the sale ends Friday morning. #HURRY

Use code: EVENT17

Check back tomorrow to see what (PINK) items I’m eyeing from the sale…

Xo, Stephanie

Spring Edit

[Chelsae Anne | Photographer]

WEARING -> BLOUSE, JEANS, SANDALS – more options here, BAG, RING, EARRINGS – more options here: (c/o) I.N.C. International Concepts

Oh spring! How I love thee…

If you haven’t already, it’s time to usher in a whole new wardrobe. No more jackets, coats, sweaters, long sleeve tops. THINK: lightweight blouses, flirty dresses, florals, etc.

No but really. Have you cleaned out your closet? There’s no time like springtime (ha!) to get started on a new wardrobe.

I say this because a couple weeks ago my closet was on the brink of collapsing. Seriously. A studio apartment is not conducive to a fashion blogger’s life. So, I set aside one full day to comb through my entire closet. I took everything out to carefully assess each piece, noting what needed to be replaced (i.e. white blouses) or invested in (i.e. new shoes) for the season ahead and what needed to be donated.

Yes. In case you’re wondering. I dealt with serious separation anxiety getting rid of items that once served me well (but also knew it was time to let go). Getting rid of clothes is NOT easy for me. But knowing I have so much more room in my closet – let’s say for new OTS tops and dresses – makes me feel so much better and excited. Felt like a fresh start.

But when you make room in your life for what you truly want, it happens. (Currently manifesting Birkin collection.)

So here were some of the takeaways:

Time for new denim silhouettes, like boyfriend jeans (love these!). I need more gold accessories, like these earrings from I.N.C. International Concepts. I need to hop on board the pink train this season. Swap out pumps for (flat) sandals. And invest in flirty blouses.

Soooo… I guess that means it’s time to go shopping!

Check out I.N.C. International Concept for more spring finds.

Xo, Stephanie

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Time to Downsize

[Photography by Gen Street Style]

WEARING -> BLOUSE: (old) similar here and here/PANTS: here/HEELS: (old) similar here/MINI TOTE, SCARF, SLIDER BRACELET: (c/o) Henri Bendel/EARRINGS: similar

I like big bags…

BUT I cannot lie. Smaller bags are better. In my opinion, at least. They’re both chic and practical (you’ll finally be able to see the bottom of your bag). Call it mini-bag syndrome. Whatever. I have it.

Besides, good things come in petite small packages. Right?! #wink

I recently picked up this mini tote, the scaled-down version of the Rivington Tote, from Henri Bendel. #BendelGirl It comes in a variety of colors like white, teal (yes, teal), navy and black. But my favorite color is “Chipmunk” (as pictured). Because it’s yummmy.

The front flap pocket detaches to serve as the perfect post-dinner crossbody with just enough room to carry your lip gloss, a credit card and of course, your iPhone. And the leather! The leather. It’s crafted from the softest pebbled leather. #swoon

I tied a Henri Bendel branded silk scarf around the top handle to mix things up. Because I LOVE LOVE LOVE this look. If you know me, you know I’m always wearing a silk scarf. On my bag. On my wrist. As a belt. In my hair. This one is just as chic.

I also added a dash of sparkle with this delicate slider bracelet, a #BendelGirl must have.


Two is better than one. Right?! (Trying to justify shopping addiction.)

Which is why you’re getting a second look. And a second bag. Don’t judge me. #ConfessionsOfAShopaholic

Besides, you get an additional 20-30% off at Henri Bendel this weekend.


This second bag brings me back to my schoolgirl days. Crafted from Saffiano leather (slightly more durable leather), this handbag features a turnlock closure, has a variety of pocket options and a removable crossbody strap (not pictured) making it every bit as efficient as it is totes adorable.

As mentioned, handbags are better with accessories. So CUE: oversized tassel charm in brown and white stripes. #TresChic

Shop today’s looks below! And be sure to take advantage of Henri Bendel’s weekend sale!


Xo, Stephanie

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As Seen on the Streets

[Photography by GenStreetStyle]

WEARING: SWEATER, SKIRT (similar): (c/o) Iorane/SANDALS: click link for more options/SUNGLASSES: (c/o) Andy Wolf/TOTE: (c/o) Neiman Marcus/EARRINGS: click link for more options

Ever visit a major city and see someone walking down the street wearing a killer outfit? Someone who captures your attention? Who stands out from the crowd?

Cue street style.

I’ve always been a fan. But don’t get much an opportunity to share street style shots on here because I live in beautiful Palm Beach where everything is manicured and perfect. Street style doesn’t vibe here like it does in a major city. Where you need cars. Buildings. People. Movement. You get it.

So when I get the opportunity to shoot street style in Miami for the blog, I get excited! And basically treat the street like my catwalk…

Fun fact: Street style emerged when people like goths, hippies, hipsters, etc. all started dressing different. They stood out. People noticed. You could relate to them – whether that be through their style or culture. And above all, they were authentic.

One of my goals this year was to start featuring more and more emerging designers. Designers who are somewhat new to the scene or getting noticed and growing in strength and popularity. They’re blooming. And super cool.

Cue high-end Brazilian brand, Iorane.

Iorane has been around for 20 years. Mainly in Brazil. Until 2015, when they decided to go global and expand to places like Miami.

Cue Stephanie.

I was first introduced to the brand when I saw Rocky Barnes wearing them. Then I met with them in person at StyleMrkt and fell in love with their line. Each and every piece was different. Classic yet edgy. Cheeky. So me…

What’s cool about street style is that it bridges the gap between everyday people and brands. It opens the door for brands to get noticed. All it takes is one shot. And next thing you know, you’re getting featured in major magazine. And the brand explodes overnight.

But even with all of this, one thing remains the same – street style is authentic. And the most successful bloggers who share street style snaps remain true to themselves. Perhaps this is why I (and many more) love it so much.

Click the pink links to shop today’s look!

Xo, Stephanie

How to Relax After Work

[Chelsae Anne | Photographer]


Last year, feeling tense and worn out all the time because all too common for me. I never gave myself the me time I needed. So this year, I put me at the top of my list and made sure to carve out small moments in my day to take a break and relax. Which is why I was inspired to share today’s post.

I brought on friend and fellow yogi, Kate McCabe, to help share some quick pick-me-ups that anyone can do at home. Kate’s a yoga teacher in West Palm Beach, nutritionist, holistic life blogger behind Solful Health and super busy, just like mwa.

The FIRST thing you want to do is change into comfy clothing. Swap out that pencil skirt for some leggings, like this pair from Crane + Lion (they’re also high waisted and make your legs/tummy/tush look amaze) then throw on a sports bra + easy tee. Do this so you can move freely.

Tree Pose

First and foremost. Stop thinking. You can’t balance on one leg if you’re thinking about your to-do list.

Keep your breathing slow and steady. Shift your weight to one leg. Bring the opposite leg to your ankle, calf or inner thigh (avoid your knees) and place your hands heart center. Hold for 5 breathes. Switch.

Toe Pose

As a former ballerina, I love doing this pose! I hold so much tension in my feet. Especially since I’m usually running around in heels. This one’s a must for me.

But did you know an imbalance can travel all the way up to your back and shoulders? Yep. That’s why this one’s a good one.

Kneel. Tuck your toes under your tush. Keep all 10 toes on the ground (that’s the hard part) and breathe deeply. Stay for about 10-15 breathes. Then when you’re done, place your hands out in front of you to shake out the tops of your feet. 

Forward Fold

Have lower back pain? Do a forward fold. They’re great for taking pressure off your lower back + reducing tension in your neck and shoulders.

With both legs straight, reach down and grab your calves, ankles or toes. Whatever is easier for you. Feel free to bend your knees if you’re hamstrings are tight.

Breathe deeply for a few minutes. And feel that physical and emotional stress melt away.

Child’s Pose

This one’s my favorite. It helps stretch your hips, ankles and shoulders. You can place both knees underneath you (beginner) or separate your knees for a deeper hip stretch (advanced). Place your forehead on the ground. Stretch your arms out. And hangout for a couple minutes. Ahhhhh….


By far, the hardest part of relaxing is meditating. Being a former hyperactive child + professional dancer, I have LOTS of energy. But doing so helps calm my mind, wind down and relax. So you should too!

Throw on some soothing music if need be. Find a comfy spot (can be outside or near the end of your bed). Sit up nice and tall. Rest your palms (I have my palms up to help ground me). Soften your shoulders. Close your eyes. And take slow, long deep breathes in. Stay for 1-10 mins. Every time your mind wanders, bring it back to your breath.

There you go! Those are some of my favorite poses to do after a long day at work.

AND definitely check out Crane + Lion for activewear. Everything pictured in this post was from their newest collection. Talk about great prices and outstanding (yes, outstanding) quality.

Xo, Stephanie