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 [Chelsae Anne Photography]

Tee: H&M $9.95/Pants: (c/o) TJ Maxx $12.99/Wedges: (c/o) Dolce Vita via TJ Maxx $39.99/Purse: (c/o) TJ Maxx $12.99/Bracelets: Charming Charlie & Express $10-15/Earrings: Forever 21 $5.95

My experience as the TJ Maxx’s #Maxxinista of the Month was amazing – plain and simple, I’ll never forget it. I feel so lucky to have been given the chance to feature my style and to show other #Maxxinistas-in-the-making that you don’t have to break the bank to be stylish.

This look was taken in front of the TJ Maxx flagship store in Chelsea, NYC by my friend and photographer, Chelsae, and with my best friend, Jen, in tow like a trooper. Unlike the day before where we had an RV and a fabulous team of people helping us out, we had a teeny tiny two-door car to change in, no hangers, no steamers, and no Neil Gogoi hair and makeup. We crammed everything and everyone in the car, aimlessly drove around NYC searching for locations to shoot our looks at and as Tim Gunn would say, “made it work.”

Despite wanting to toss out my high heels at all those weird cab drivers and people checking me out as I awkwardly changed in the backseat, I enjoyed every single minute of it. Big thank you to my photog, Chelsae, and her new-husband (congrats!), Evan, for capturing so many epic shots in NYC and to my best friend, Jen, for the support, extra “perfume” on standby and for the occasional outbursts of laughter (we almost missed our flight back home because of this) throughout the trip.

And to TJ Maxx for making me feel like a freakin’ superstar!

So much more is on the way! Stay tuned…

Xo, Stephanie

Zesty Orange











[Rainy Sun Design]

Top: Express $15.90/Shorts: TJ Maxx $14.99/Slippers: Nine West $39.99/Clutch: (c/o) TJ Maxx $29.99/Necklace: Forever 21 $13.80/Bracelets: Forever 21 $10.80/Earrings: Francesca’s Collection $14/Sunnies: H&M $8

You can pretty much brighten any look with a pair of zesty orange, suede slippers. Style yours with a pair of distressed denim to channel a comfy-cool vibe, or unleash your wild side with a pair of funky shorts, like these from TJ Maxx.

This pair sits higher on the waist (therefore giving the illusion of longer legs) and has a loose fit through the thighs. You can wear them as a beach coverup or keep it simple with a white tee, like I did with this one from Express. You could also wear them with a sleek blazer and bare legs for an evening out.

In addition to these fabulous items, I spotted this fun necklace from Forever 21 and polished off this look with a couple bangles and pair of aviator sunnies.

Hope you enjoy this one! Be sure to share your thoughts below!

Xo, Stephanie

Summer Affair

Summer Affair_3

Summer Affair_15

Summer Affair_2

Summer Affair_4

Summer Affair_10

Summer Affair_12

Summer Affair_5

Summer Affair_6

Summer Affair_14

Summer Affair_8

Summer Affair_16

Summer Affair_7

[Rainy Sun Design]

Dress: (c/o) Rose Gold and Blush $59.95/Sandals: Steve Madden $79.95/Clutch: Francesca’s Collection (gift)/Necklace: Charming Charlie $20/Earrings: Forever 21 $5.95

It’s wedding season, which means you’ll need to have a couple dresses on standby in case you can’t re-wear the same one over and over. But doing so, may hurt your budget – between traveling expenses, a gift for the bride and groom and an outfit for the shower, rehearsal dinner and main event – it can get pretty costly.

So what do you do?

Find a boutique that carries a line of affordable dresses, like this pretty number, from an up and coming online boutique called Rose Gold and Blush. That way, you’re able to purchase three or so dresses (depending on how many weddings you’ve got on your docket) that can be easily accessorized and worn again in the spring or summertime and/or your next tropical getaway with your beau (aka the cute groomsman you met at last year’s wedding).

This bright yellow, billowy dress is super comfortable and looks great on just about any body type. It can be accessorized with a statement necklace and pair of earrings, simple, strappy heels and a neutral clutch for a black-tie event or be worn with flat sandals and flowers in your hair for a garden ceremony. The best part? It’s only $60.

So don’t fret – and be sure to head over to this online boutique to check out all of their cute things. I’m sure you’ll find something!

Happy Sunday friends!

Xo, Stephanie

Lady in Red

Lady in Red_1

Lady in Red_6

Lady in Red_3

Lady in Red_7

Lady in Red_5

Lady in Red_8

Lady in Red_2

[Chelsae Anne Photography]

Dress: (c/o) TJ Maxx $24.99/Sandals: (c/o) 7 for Mankind via TJ Maxx $99/Purse: (c/o) TJ Maxx $12.99/Necklace: (c/o) TJ Maxx $29.99/Bracelets: Forever 21 $10.80/Earrings: Francesca’s Collection $4.95/Sunnies: Prada

I’m loving printed dresses these days. But before you hit the stores to nab one (I hear TJ Maxx is having their big clearance sale), there are a couple things you should consider…

Prints are easy to wear as long as the pattern is complimentary to your size. You can do this by using your hand to determine whether or not you can pull it off. If the print is bigger than your hand, leave it. If it’s smaller, go for it.

Try and choose a printed dress that’s slightly fitted. Otherwise, you could run the risk of looking like a printed tent, and nobody wants that. If worn correctly, it could magically conceal all of your problem areas by drawing the eye elsewhere and instead, highlight your best assets like your waist or your legs.

Accessorizing is very important when putting it all together, especially if you’re on a budget. With the right pieces, a look like this can be completely transformed from boring to sophisticated. I personally think a print calls for neutral pieces or ones that are complimentary in color. And solids, on the other hand, demand big, bold colorful jewelry.

What are some of your style tips for prints? Share your comments below and be sure to follow, “This #Maxxinista Life” on Tumblr for more.

Xo, Stephanie

One Romper, Three Ways

One Romper, Three Ways_1

One Romper, Three Ways_2

One Romper, Three Ways_3

One Romper, Three Ways_4

One Romper, Three Ways_6

One Romper, Three Ways_5

[Drew Reilly via TJ Maxx]

Romper: (c/o) TJ Maxx $16.99/ Denim Jacket: H&M $29.95/White Blazer: H&M $34.95/Gladiator Sandals: (c/o) Sam Edelman via TJ Maxx $59.99/ Two-tone Sandals: (c/o) Nine West via TJ Maxx $15/ Snakeskin Pumps: Nine West $79/Yellow Clutch: Francesca’s Collection $34/Studded Clutch: Francesca’s Collection $38/Pink Necklace: Forever 21 $10.80/Black and White Necklace: Charming Charlie $15/White Statement Necklace: (c/o) TJ Maxx $29.99/Stacked Bracelets: Charming Charlie $10-15/Gold Woven Bracelet: (c/o) TJ Maxx $19.99/White Earrings: H&M $7.95/Black Beaded Earrings: Francesca’s Collection $14/Black Studded Earrings: Francesca’s Collection $4.95/Two-tone Sunglasses: (c/o) Jessica Simpson via TJ Maxx $12.99/Aviators: H&M $8

One of the most important things I try and abide by when shopping is to select pieces that have versatility. Whether it be a top, a pair of trousers or a handbag, it should mix and match with at least three different items in my closet in order to be a worthwhile investment, especially if it’s a costly one. So when TJ Maxx asked me to take one item and style it in three different ways for, “This Maxxinsta Life,” I knew it would be a task I’d excel at, having spent so many years crafting creative outfits on a reasonable budget.

For the first look, I paired this all black romper with a washed out denim jacket, pink beaded necklace, shades and my favorite, yellow woven clutch to give off a urban, artsy vibe.

My second look is perfect after a morning splashing around at the beach, to shopping downtown with friends. I love it because it’s light and airy, casual yet so stylish, and easy to wear throughout the day.

And for the third look, I paired this classic romper with unexpected accessories like a studded clutch, statement necklace from TJ Maxx and snakeskin pumps, for a completely different look.

What are some of the ways you’ve MAXXimized your wardrobe?

Be sure to check out, “This #Maxxinista Life” on Tumblr for more!

Xo, Stephanie

Boho in SoHo

Boho in Soho_1

Boho in Soho_7

Boho in Soho_5

Boho in Soho_4

Boho in Soho_2

Boho in Soho_8

Boho in Soho_6

Boho in Soho_9

Boho in Soho_11

[Chelsae Anne Photography]

Top: (c/o) TJ Maxx $12.99/Pants: (c/o) TJ Maxx $24.99/Wedges: (c/o) Dolce Vita via TJ Maxx $39.99/Purse: (c/o) TJ Maxx $29.99/Bracelets: Charming Charlie $10-15/Earrings: H&M $7.95/Sunnies: (c/o) TJ Maxx $12.99

For “This #Maxxinista Life,” I was tasked with putting together a look from TJ Maxx that’s trending – so I choose palazzo pants since they’ve pretty much been one of this summer’s hottest trends and one of my personal faves.

Here’s how you can sport them this season…

Be sure to choose a length and type of pant that works best for your body. Avoid boxy, stiff pants if you’re short and instead, opt for a soft and relaxed look. For taller gals, you can pretty much get away with anything with this style so have at it!

In my opinion, you should wear a cork wedge or a strappy heel with palazzo pants to counter the volume and to make you appear taller and slimmer, especially if you’re super-duper petite like me. However, if you’re taller (lucky!), then you could probably get away with wearing a pair of flat sandals instead of heels.

Choose a top that compliments the pants. For printed pants, select a top that’s simple and for basic pants, opt for a top that’s printed. The key is balance.

I also like to think that the same goes for your accessories with this look. Make sure they are fun and easy and not too put together – think long beaded necklaces, stacks of bracelets, intricate earrings, oversized sunnies and a big floppy hat, if you have one laying around.

With so many different cuts and styles, there’s bound to be one that’s flattering to your body. They look pretty amazing on just about anyone willing to rock them. I know I’ll be, all summer long!

Xo, Stephanie

Totally Tropical

Totally Tropical 16

Totally Tropical_13


Totally Tropical_7

Totally Tropical_11

Totally Tropical_8

Totally Tropical 18

Totally Tropical_15

Totally Tropical 21

Totally Tropical_10

Totally Tropical 20

[Rainy Sun Design]

Dress: H&M $17.95/Sandals: Target $29.99/Clutch: Francesca’s Collection $34/Necklace: Forever 21 $10.80/Earrings: Forever 21 $5.95

Whether planning for a vacation this summer or something more like a staycation, here’s a dress that’s totally tropical and island approved.

Style yours with strappy sandals or woven flats, a bright clutch, bold jewelry and loose beach waves in your hair a la Bumble & Bumble “Surf Spray.”

Other ways to incorporate tropical flare into your wardrobe are with bright, geometric prints, fruit-inspired accessories, coral lipstick and neon nail polish.

What’s your tropical go-to for a resort ready look? Share your thoughts below!

Xo, Stephanie

Work Perfect

Work Perfect 6

Work Perfect 10

Work Perfect 3

Work Perfect 9

Work Perfect 11

Work Perfect 8

Work Perfect 4

Work Perfect 5

[Chelsae Anne Photography]

Top: Ann Taylor $49 (after sale)/Skirt: H&M (old)/Pumps: Nine West $79/Clutch: Francesca’s Collection $38/Necklace: H&M $17.95/Earrings: $7.95/Bracelet: Charming Charlie $10

Dressing up for work requires extra effort in the morning, but it also makes you feel good especially when dealing with clients or when meeting someone for the first time. Plus, it shows your boss that you take your job seriously and also, that making a good impression on others is important to you.

Since my job’s dress code falls somewhere in between business casual and business formal, it can be challenging at times to put together an outfit that can transition from work-to-fun. So for today’s post, I decided to showcase a look that I feel is prim enough for day yet fun enough for night.

In my opinion, the key to a work perfect outfit starts with your accessories. Despite what others say about accessories at work, I like to keep mine bold and colorful to best suit my personality. If you feel like bold jewelry is too much for work, then stash it away in your purse and put it back on afterwards. Otherwise, rock the look all day long just a dash of lipstick and a messy bun.

What’s your work to happy hour style like? Comment below!

Xo, Stephanie

Neon Number

Neon Number 3

Neon Number 9

Neon Number 11

Neon Number 5

Neon Number 10

Neon Number 2

Neon Number 4

Neon Number 12

Neon Number 7

Neon Number 8

[Chelsae Anne Photography]

Dress: (c/o) Cynthia Vincent via TJ Maxx $129.99/Sandals: Steve Madden $79.99/Clutch: Francesca’s Collection $38/Necklace: Forever 21 $10.80/Earrings: Forever 21 $5.95

This neon number from Cynthia Vincent was scored from TJ Maxx for less than half it’s regular price. It looks and feels great – is not super tight – and is the perfect dress to transition from dinner with your family to champagne cocktails with your girlfriends in. A classic silhouette structured with an eye-popping print and a touch of texture, this dress is constructed with a material that’s light, easy to wear during the summer and one that looks great against a tan!

I paired it my favorite go-to heels and dressed it up with a cork clutch, neon necklace and white statement earrings. You can also wear this dress with a pair of neon yellow pumps or dress it down with an oversized white boyfriend blazer. Either way you style it, not a whole lot is required to pull it all together…

So… today I turn the big 2-6 and am so excited to see where this journey takes me. Not sure where it’s headed, but I hope it leads to something great. Thank you to all my dear friends and family who have supported me throughout this. I feel incredibly blessed, despite a couple hardships this year, to have you all in my life.

So on that note, thank you for reading… here’s to a new and exciting year!

XOXO, Stephanie

Splendid Blues

splendid jeans1

Splendid Jeans 8

Splendid Jeans 12

Splendid Jeans 7

Splendid Jeans 10

Splendid Jeans 13

Splendid Jeans 3

Splendid Jeans 6

[Rainy Sun Design]

Top: H&M $5.95/Jeans: Splendid via TJ Maxx $34.99/Wedges: (c/o) Dolce Vita via TJ Maxx $39.99/Clutch: Francesca’s Collection $34/Necklace: (c/o) Vince Camuto via TJ Maxx $39.99/Earrings: Forever 21 $5.95/Rings: Charming Charlie $10

These sky-blue striped denim jeans from Splendid are in line with summer’s easygoing mood. I especially love that they are cropped and comfortable – made with a soft and stretchy fabric that’s forgiving and easy to wear when it’s hot and sticky outside.

I paired this look with a simple cropped top from H&M and nude wedges to add height. I threw in some fun accessories, like a designer rose gold necklace that was scored from TJ Maxx, my favorite pair of statement earrings from Forever 21 and a couple of delicate rings to add a hint of glimmer.

As you’ve noticed over the past month, I’ve kind of been addicted to this clutch. I love it because it’s so bold and attention-grabbing, yet so chic at the same time. When it comes to colorful pieces like this one, I truly think you can wear them with just about anything in your closet. Plus, colorful pieces will give your wardrobe a fresh hit of color – so definitely try to invest in a couple fun pieces this season.

Hope you’re enjoying my posts! Feel free to share your thoughts on this outfit…

Xo, Stephanie