Soft N’ Slouchy

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Monday through Friday, I stare down my closet in search of the perfect outfit for blog shoots, meetings, outing, dates, etc. It’s fun but sometimes it can be SO exhausting. By the time the weekend rolls around, I like to give myself a little break and wear comfortable clothing. Do you blame me?!

As I’ve mentioned, I recently made a big commitment to myself to spend time doing things that bring me joy (outside of blogging) like taking yoga or dance classes. I think it’s important to have balance in your life – both personally, professionally and well, with your style too! So…

A typical Saturday for me starts with something active. Lately, it’s been ballet class. After class, I’ll swing by the Green Market in downtown West Palm Beach to pick up a smoothie, fresh fruits and veggies (buy local!) and to scope out the flower situation (you guys know how much I adore fresh flowers at home). I spend the rest of my day at home cleaning my apartment or doing some serious couch time reading a new book. At night, I’ll grab dinner and drinks with friends. Pretty normal, right?!

But here’s the thing about being a fashion blogger (in a small town, mind you). I can’t just turn off the impulse to look “put together.” I can’t. I just can’t. Too many times, I’ve run into a friend or local business owner or cute guy wearing boring gym clothes. And it’s usually not good. Don’t even get me started on my poor mailman who gets the pleasure of seeing me in my PJs from like, high school, on days where I work from home 9-5PM.

So, that’s why I’m sharing today’s look from I.N.C. International Concepts! It’s the kind of outfit I would wear on a Saturday. The kind of look you can lounge around at home in or dress up with sleek black sandals for early drinks with friends. It’s a great lazy-fashion-girl-meets-weekend option.

During the day, I would wear this look with white sneakers. (Just roll up the bottoms a bit) And nix the choker to keep it day-time appropriate. At night, heels, pearl earringsa choker and a statement ring to spice things up!

What are your weekend essentials? A soft n’ slouchy sweater? A pair of stretchy leggings? Sneakers? Shop mine from I.N.C. International Concepts by scrolling up to the top and clicking the pink links!

Xo, Stephanie

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Cluse To My Heart

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BLOUSE: Maje – similar/SKORT: Maje – similar here and here/BLAZER: H&M/HEELS: (c/o) Shopbop – more options here/TOTE: (c/o) Neiman Marcus/EARRINGS: (c/o) BaubleBar/WATCH: (c/o) Cluse

As women, we’re programmed to take care of others. Whether that be your significant other, a sick family member, your bestie who’s going through, like, the world’s WORST breakup, your startup, whatever – we don’t concentrate enough on ourselves. Then we do stupid things like seek validation in others for the love we don’t have.

Listen. You and I both know that deep down inside, we can’t fully love someone else until we love ourselves first. Not to be super emotional or anything but many women (including me) know what it’s like to not put “love myself” on my to-do list and instead run around like a crazy person ticking everything off that list until they ultimately crash and burn. No bueno.

Along my path to learn more about myself and work on being a better person, I discovered the importance of this. Not because Oprah told me to. Or my mom. But because I literally crashed and burned from working way too much. To the point where I knew something had to change.

I know I’ve talked about this – and continue – to talk about this SO much because it’s a topic close to my heart…

So now, I do something everyday that’s solely for me. Lately, that means taking dance classes. Or buying myself something special, like a beautiful new watch.

To you, this might look like getting a massage. Or soaking in a hot bubble bath while reading a new book. Or practice saying no. Or asking your best friend to list 10 things they love about you…

If you’re aspiring to do something big one day – chances are, you’re super busy and want to do it. I get it. Been there. Still there. Just don’t crash and burn. Especially on a day that celebrates love, Valentine’s Day! Take time for yourself. Do something extra special. Buy the watch. (Side note, I adore the one I’m wearing in today’s look! It’s from Cluse and it’s PINK!)

And above all, remember that the love you want is already inside of you. You just need to embrace it. <3

Xo, Stephanie

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[Chelsae Anne | Photography]

TRENCH, MILITARY SHIRT, JEANS: (c/o) Express/HEELS: similar here/SCARF: similar here/TOTE: love this one too!

Good morning! I’m happy (more so than usual) for two reasons. First, I started my morning with a cappuccino from one of my favorite French bakeries in West Palm Beach, Paneterie. And two, because Express has finally launched a petite line! Yes, yes, YAS!

When people ask how tall I am on Instagram, I usually say “5’3 + some” when really I’m like barely 5’2 after a good yoga class. In pictures, I look tall (#angles guys) but in real-life, I’m small. Really small. Like bite-sized. I blame it on dancing my entire life because my dad (who, by the way is celebrating a birthday today!) is 6’2. My brother is 6’3. My sister is 5’6. WHAT HAPPENED.

Two weeks ago, while shopping for a new outfit for a conference in Ft. Lauderdale (which, for those of you wondering, it went amazing! Totally got over my fear of public speaking.) the store associate asked me what size I was. I told her, “the smallest you have.” She proceeded to pull a couple options. And without trying them on, I already knew. “They won’t fit,” I said. “I know which designers run big and small and those unfortunately, won’t fit my frame.” #sadface

Anyways, you would think this would make my life somewhat easier because “technically” I can fit into anything. But nope. It’s not. Shopping is next to impossible for me. Either I end up altering everything I buy or shop at stores that carry petite sizing.

Express is one of those stores you always visit when you go to the mall. Because it’s trendy. It’s affordable. They carry pieces you can wear again and again. For as long as I can remember, I’ve shopped there. BUT with limited options to choose from. Today that changes! Anyone 5’4 and under (like moi) will finally be able to purchase trousers that don’t need alterations. #amen

To celebrate, I’m sharing a few of my favorites, courtesy of their new Petite Collection.

I typically roll up the bottoms of my jeans to show off my heels (and to quickly alter a long pair of jeans) but I’ve already worn these unrolled with sneakers. They’re cute and comfy. And make my derrière look amazing.

Made of extra soft material, this military shirt looks great with a scarf (as pictured) or layered over a vintage concert tee for a relaxed weekend look. I love how effortless it is.

And this trench. No alterations needed. It’s sleek and timeless and has a removable sash, all perfectly positioned for ladies 5’4 and under.

Click here to see more from their Petite Collection and as always, click the pink links to shop today’s look!

Au revoir!

Xo, Stephanie

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Sunrise to Sunset  

[Chelsae Anne | Photographer]

Lately, my schedule has been filled with work at local coffee shops, fashion events and nights out in Palm Beach. I thought, just for fun, I’d share with you what I would wear to all three of these occasions. And how jewelry plays a big part in styling each look!

Go-to Off-Duty Work Look


I love working from home but sometimes it’s nice to change things up, especially if you live in a studio apartment. So, once a week, I force myself to work out of a coffee shop where I’ll spend several hours answering emails, writing or researching trends. Not only does working out of a coffee shop help stimulate creativity and combat writer’s block (which I fall victim to every now and then), but it allows me to see friends and meet new people.

Trust me, I get it. For most, this isn’t considered a traditional “work” look. But for me, it is! As a blogger, it’s important to have killer personal style – at all times. Plus, I’m a firm believer that what a person wears can affect the way they feel and act. So, jeans, blazer and a t-shirt tend to be my go-to outfit.

I believe jewelry should always reflect your mood, just like clothing! Sometimes I love stacking on bracelets and rings, while other times I prefer a dainty necklace and studs. But since this look is pretty casual, I needed some extra oomph so I added the Ariadne Bib and the Quasar Bracelets from BaubleBar to elevate it. And voilà! Instantly, it goes from “bland” to “blogger-approved.”

One of the easiest ways to dress up a t-shirt is to throw on a big chunky necklace. And lately, I’m all about embracing silver metal. This one lends a vintage feel to it. How cool is the pendant?!

My stacked bracelets can be worn as shown or mixed with gold, like a gold watch or simple gold bangle. Trust me, mixing metals can look very polished if done correctly.

Aside from both pieces adding luxe to my look, I looove how versatile they are. Yes, statement jewelry can be versatile! They can be worn casually or together with a sleek black gown and heels. Both looks are just as stunning.

How I Dress to Impress at Local Fashion Events with Industry Insiders  

SWEATER: J.Crew/BLOUSE, DENIM SKIRT: H&M/SANDALS: (c/o) Moda Operandi/TOTE: (c/o) Neiman Marcus/EARRINGS, NECKLACE, BRACELET: (c/o) BaubleBar

For me, local fashion events are a great way to show others what my personal style is all about. I tell myself, less is more, when putting together an outfit. It took a long time for me to learn that I did not have to conform to the norm and dress outlandish to be memorable. I just needed to be me.

At heart, my style is pretty classic. I love trends, but I always go back to timeless pieces like a simple sweater or a denim skirt. As I mentioned, I try to accessorize in a way that compliments my outfit and doesn’t take away from – me! There’s nothing more distracting than a dangly bracelet or a tacky necklace.

A beautiful pair of earrings can enrich and enliven the most basic look. This pair, the Aleeza Drops, are a fun twist on an classic accent – pearls! Plus, they’re in direct line of vision of anyone I talk to, which I always consider before a big fashion event. To me, they feel elegant and sophisticated.  

The Syndown Bracelet and the Milkyway Necklace were the ideal partners for this classic look so I popped my collar and rolled up my sleeves to subtly show them off!  

You don’t need a ton of accessories to give your style personality. A beautiful earring, a dainty necklace and a simple gold bracelet work for this look. Subtle pieces that reflect who I am and act as an extension of my wardrobe…

Night out in Palm Beach!

DRESS: (c/o) Shopbop – more options here/SANDALS: (c/o) Shopbop – more options here/NECKLACE, EARRINGS, RING: (c/o) BaubleBar

The best time to visit Palm Beach is between October and March, also known as “season” here. The weather fluctuates between mid-60s and high 80s. During this time, Palm Beach is flooded with northerners. There are endless parties. Charity events. Functions. You name it. It’s sooo much fun!

With each event, I consider the vibe I’m going for. I wanted something flirty and playful since it’s still relatively warm outside so I went with a little red dress for this look. Doesn’t it remind you of Emma Stone’s character in La La Land?!

An open neckline is the perfect opportunity to highlight a glitzy accent, like this Alexandria Necklace. I styled it with striped Concordia Crispin Drops in black and white to work a little pop into my look. And the Crystal Mason Ring to add some pizzazz and sparkle!

It’s no secret that I love accessories. You guys know this! It’s an essential component of an outfit. Jewelry plays a big part in how I present myself every day. A statement necklace acts as an ideal accessory for a casual off-duty look. Beautiful earrings add sophistication to a classic outfit. And playful details, like a shimmery gold necklace and striped drop earrings, turn a simple red dress into a fresh look…  

Visit, one of my favorite destinations for jewelry, for more inspiration or to shop the accessories featuring in today’s looks!

Xo, Stephanie

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Shop, Don’t Stop!

[Chelsae Anne | Photographer]

BLOUSE: (c/o) The Kooples via Sawgrass Mills – this one is cool, too!/JEANS: Love these!/BLAZER: (c/o) Citizen’s Mark/HAT, SATCHEL, BOOTIES: (c/o) Sole Society

Earlier this week, I met with a friend for coffee in Palm Beach. Our date was first thing in the morning so naturally, I rushed to get ready because I’m not a morning person. I figured afterwards I would stop by some of my favorite consignment stores to see what’s new. Side note, Palm Beach is known for having some of the BEST consignment stores in the country.

As I parked my car, I paused and assessed my outfit. “Hmm,” I thought “doesn’t feel 100% me.” You could clearly tell I rushed to get ready. Which, I get it, is A-OK in some situations. But not if you live in a small town like me. And you’re a “fashion” blogger. Every time I leave my apartment, I say hi to someone – whether it be my neighbor, friend, former client – you can’t hide in a small town like West Palm Beach.

Feeling a little embarrassed, I rushed back home after our coffee date and changed. And this what I put together! I liked it so much, I decided to shoot it (and, while I was at it, do some more shopping… yes, I’m a #shopaholic. Not sorry.)

I wore a silk blouse with distressed denim. My booties, hat and satchel are from Sole Society.

My suede booties are the kind of shoes you can wear every single day, no matter the occasion. My hat is the perfect thing to wear when you want to hide from girlfriends (which I’m sure you all do when you’ve found the perfect accessory on SALE, like this vintage Céline scarf, and you want the rest of the sale bin all to yourself). Don’t worry, Sole Society has a great selection of scarves too. Click here for more!

And my satchel? Well. It’s perfect. Classic and structured. Elegant; great for everyday wear. Did I mention how roomy it is? Yep. Just snap open the accordion sides to accommodate your impulse purchase of like, ten vintage scarves and you’re good to go. At least they were on sale!

The thought process behind this look? A group of must-have items (e.g. the perfect blazer, the coolest hat, the best-fitting pair of jeans you can’t live without, the comfiest booties) that give an off-duty look that’s super appropriate for shopping in Palm Beach and/or hiding running from into a friend. It’s fashion-forward without trying too hard.

Shop today’s fab-u-lous accessories from Sole Society below! Happy Saturday everyone!

Xo, Stephanie

My Skin Fix

[Chelsae Anne | Photography]

In last month’s blog post “Why I love Balayage,” I mentioned doing a three-part series highlighting my favorite treatments (and pro’s) at Anushka Spa, Salon & Cosmedical Centre in West Palm Beach. Last month, I talked about hair color. This month, I’m talking about skincare!

I first learned about skincare when I started working at Anushka in my early twenties. Aestheticians would tell me, “wash, tone, moisturize and apply sunscreen every day.” Which I did – kind of. At minimum, I would wash and moisturize. Occasionally, I would apply sunscreen.

I realized I needed to pay better attention to my skin around my mid-twenties. For the first time, I started to notice small brown spots and freckles. Dry patches whenever the weather would change. And breakouts. Breakouts!

In high school, I had perfect skin. In my early twenties, I had perfect skin. I never experienced a “breakout” until my mid-twenties. “Why is this happening to me,” I would say to my doctor. “You’re experiencing adult acne,” he would say. Turns out acne isn’t just for teens. As an adult, things like stress or changes in your hormone levels can cause acne.

Which made sense. Around this time, I left my PR job. Broke up with a boyfriend. I started freelancing for the first time. My blog was growing… and I was becoming increasingly self-conscious about my skin. At times, hiding my face from the camera because I was so embarrassed. It completely hurt my self-esteem.

I’ll never forget this one woman who came to Anushka with tears in her eyes. She had the worst case of acne I had ever seen, in my life. “Please. Please. I’m begging you. I need someone to help me with my skin. I’m getting married soon,” she said as I suggested she make an appointment with, Uslin, one of the top aestheticians at Anushka. Eight weeks later, her skin completely changed. I couldn’t believe it.

My skin is better… Breakouts flare up every now and then. But for the most part, it’s improved thanks to regular facials (every six to eight weeks), stronger products and stress management. However, those pesky marks left behind from pimples, sunspots and freckles – not so much.

I recently saw Dr. Bonnie Marting, an expert in cosmetic dermatology at Anushka, to fix this problem. She suggested an IPL, also known as an Intense Pulsed Light treatment (laser) to remove my brown spots, sun damage (thanks Florida), acne scars and to help tighten and refine my pores. “It’s one of the best treatments you can do to have a radiant complexion,” according to her.

Let me preface this next part by saying: an IPL is no massage. It’s a little scary. No, it doesn’t hurt. It’s just shocking because intense pulses of light hit your face. But it’s quick. So no biggie.

What it does: causes collagen and blood vessels below the skin to constrict, reducing redness and age lines. Here’s a picture of me (with no makeup) right after the treatment. As you can see, there’s a little bit of redness and swelling.

Following the treatment, brown spots get darker, scab and eventually flake off. This was taken right after the gym.

A couple days later… (right after ballet class!). As you can see, my complexion is getting smoother.

Dr. Bonnie suggests using a good sunscreen product after the treatment. For those of you wondering, there’s no downtown.

For the next part of my treatment, I did a SilkPeel with Uslin. A silkpeel is a lot like a microdermabrasion treatment except it doesn’t use crystals to exfoliate the skin. And it infuses the skin with hydrating products. The result? Immediate improvement in volume, hydration and tone. Revitalized skin.

Ideal candidates have mild to moderate acne. Dark spots and sun damage. Dry and dehydrated skin or a rough skin texture. And little fine lines and wrinkles. I.E. anyone in their 20-30s!

As soon as you walk out, you feel great. However if you have a wedding to attend, Uslin suggests getting the treatment two weeks before the big day.

Here’s a selfie taken two weeks after my IPL + one week after my silkpeel.

I’ve also introduced a retinol into my night regime and – wow. WOW. It’s helped normalize my skin, and encourage it to shed and rebuild in healthier ways. It was a little irritating at first but after two weeks of use, my skin got used to it. Dr. Bonnie says retinols are a “miracle product.”

Do these treatments + products work? Absolutely. I feel like I’m in high school again. My skin feels amazing. Every day it gets better, brighter and tighter.

First timer to Anushka? Mention my blog, The Style Bungalow, to receive $25 off your next service of $75 or more! For online book, use code: 25OFFNCBL

As always, thanks for stopping by!

Xo, Stephanie

The Cutest Culottes!

[Chelsae Anne | Photography]

TEE: more options here/PANTS: Zara, more options here/JACKET: Rebecca Taylor/HEELS: more options here/TOTEmore options here/SCARF: Madewell

THESE culottes are SO fun and SO comfortable to wear all day. I recently bought them on sale at Zara for like $15 but knew they had so much potential if I just paired them with the right accessories, like a cute pink tote (love black + pink color combo), strappy heels and a fitted jean jacket from Rebecca Taylor. (Love it when that happens)

To anyone who thinks culottes won’t make a comeback. Think again. Pretty sure they’ll be a closet mainstay in just a few seasons. And by “few seasons” I mean warmer weather. I think it’s because culottes are universally flattering. Anyone can pull them off. And almost everyone looks good wearing them. (Attention petites! If you plan to wear culottes, be sure to wear heels.)

Plus, cropped pants work well for just about any occasion. I recently wore these culottes to a swanky event last week with a white strapless crop top and heels and received so many compliments.

Anyways, keeping today’s post short and sweet. Tomorrow, I’m headed to Miami (follow along on Instagram Stories for more) for lunch on the beach and a little shopping! This Saturday, I’m speaking at the Style Summit conference (hosted by Create + Cultivate) in Ft. Lauderdale! I hope you guys can make it. And yes, I’m a little nervous to be speaking in front of so many people this weekend. Public speaking is NOT my favorite thing to do but I know you guys will be supportive and forgiving if I sound like a complete dork. LOL, let’s hope that doesn’t happen!

Lots of love today! Thanks for stopping by.

Xo, Stephanie

You Eau it To Yourself

[Chelsae Anne | Photographer]

BRALETTE, PANTIES, KIMONO, MULES: (c/o) Moda Operandi/EARRINGS: more options here

Ah, Valentine’s Day. To couples, it’s a special day dedicated to the one you love. To singles, it’s known as “Single Awareness Day,” aka S.A.D. Ridiculous, I know.

I’ve spent V-Day attached. I’ve spent it single. This year, I’m flying solo. And you know what? I’m really excited about it! Why? Because I’m dedicating the day to love. Loving myself. I’m an i-n-d-e-p-e-n-d-e-n-t woman who doesn’t need someone to buy me gifts on V-Day. I’ll do it myself, thanks (snap, snap) and celebrate the holiday being fabulous. Besides, you are your one true love. (Winks. Sips champagne. Smiles to self. And turns on, “All the Single Ladies” by Beyonce.)

Be it playing hooky from work (V-Day falls on a Tuesday this year) and pampering yourself with a lavish suite at Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa or buying yourself a matching set of bra and panties from Moda Operandi, you owe Eau it to yourself to do a little extra somethin’ somethin’ alone or with your girlfriends. Carrie Bradshaw once said, “Maybe our girlfriends are really our soul mates and guys are just people to have fun with.”

Here’s how I’m celebrating:

Checking into beach front hotel room suite. #girlboss

Buying myself new lingerie. In college, I used to buy myself a new pair of panties every time it rained. (The irony. I live in Florida.) Why? Because nothing feels sexier than knowing you have a cute pair of panties on. Especially if you’re single! Doesn’t matter if you’re wearing jeans and a t-shirt or a LBD, it instantly adds sex appeal. No seriously, try it some time. Click here for more.

With a beautiful kimono. One that’s comfy enough to wear at home yet dressy enough to wear for a “sultry special occasion,” if you know what I mean.

It may be winter (up north, at least) but that doesn’t mean you can’t rock your sexiest heels alone… in lingerie. Need some furry ones? Click here.

With a box of chocolates. All to myself. No sharing required. Plus, chocolate won’t look at you with judgy eyes. #winning

To me, V-Day and champagne go together like… well, V-Day and champagne. Grab a bottle of bubbly for you or for you and your girlfriends to pop open and enjoy

I’ll also be dancing on bed to “Single Ladies” by Beyonce. What better way to let out your feelings than with some Queen Bee? Simon Cowell won’t be there.

One of my faaavorite things to do is just sit back and relax in a luxurious bubble bath. Nothing beats soaking in a hot tub for an hour or two reading a new book while sipping a glass of champagne.

After indulging in a bubble bath – I plan to treat myself to a face mask, relaxing manicure and a night out with my girlfriends.

Just because you’re single this Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat yourself. And be fabulous. Besides, you don’t have to worry about buying someone else a gift this year. So go for it. Do something fun. Trust me, it’s money well spent.

Need some inspiration? Check out some of my favorite V-Day gifts from Moda Operandi below…

The big day is right around the corner!

Xo, Stephanie

I like Big Bows…

[Chelsae Anne | Photography]

ROMPER – more options here (c/o) Shopbop/SANDALS – more options here (c/o) Shopbop/CROSS BODY  (c/o) Gigi New York/EARRINGS – more options here

When it’s as warm as it’s been here in Florida – upwards to 90 degrees (can you believe it?!) – it’s a small victory to look anything but a hot-mess-express by the end of the day. Seriously. The only way to combat the heat to is to wear a cute dress, shorts, a romper or to sit directly in front of an air conditioning unit with a cold face mask on (yes, in case you’re wondering, I do this often while sipping my morning coffee.)

This getup, by C/MEO Collective (#superfan), has the most adorable detailing. Bows in the back. A mini collar. And shorts! Yes, shorts. I slipped into these sandals by Frances Valentine (the original Kate Spade!) to match the bow motif and kept my accessories to a minimum – gold statement earrings (on serious repeat, lately), a couple rings and a mini pink cross body (recently spotted in last week’s blog post).

Click here to see more from C/MEO Collective. Here to browse through Frances Valentine’s latest collection!

AS MUCH AS I would love to sit here and write out a long, drawn out blog post about life lately, I don’t have the time! One of my resolutions goals for 2017 was to restore balance back in my life. Yes, insert intern here. (To those who applied, please hang tight!) This means doing things that make me happy like taking dance classes during the day, spending time with girlfriends at night or reading. It’s funny, when I step back and give priority to the activities that give me life, I’m inspired again and things just fall into place.

Anyways I’ve found that no matter how much you love to do what you do (raises hand), striking a balance between work and everything else in life is super essential. So to those of you who find yourself in the midst of a crazy period of work (like me!), take a step back and schedule that night out with your girlfriends. It’s worth it, trust me!

Side note, (sorry for jumping around so much) what do you guys enjoy reading the most on here? My posts about fashion? Posts about dating and relationships? Confidence? Work? Beauty? Travel? You tell me! I’m all ears.

Scroll up and click on the pink links to shop tonight’s look from Shopbop! I’m off to hip hop class!

Xo, Stephanie

Remain a Classic

[Chelsae Anne | Photography]

BLAZER, SWEATER, BLOUSE, JEANS, TOTE: (c/o) Neiman Marcus/HEELS: (c/o) Shopbop

Elegant. Super chic. Uniform. That’s what came to mind when putting together today’s look. It’s polished, a little undone and just works – for like, so many occasions. Work. Date night. Happy hour. Weekends away. It’s very me.

A friend of mine recently brought up the topic of personal style. And how much mine’s changed through the years. We laughed thinking about it and breathed a sigh of relief knowing some of those “questionable” outfits were buried deep in the blog. “Phew. Glad it’s changed,” she said.

As soon as I dropped her off, I went home and browsed through those looks (circa 2014) to see what she was talking about. “Yeah,” I thought. “She’s right. So not me. Cute (kinda). But not me.” Then again, those days I didn’t have much. I was forced to work with what I had. Fresh out of college and a couple months into my very, very, very entry-level job and blog.

A fashion blogger rarely starts a blog wearing top designers. It takes time to get there. And much like personal style, lots of trial and error to nail down what makes your style unique.

I remember following so many successful bloggers (back in 2014, now I just follow people who inspire me including regular folk, industry creatives, photographers, designers) and thinking to myself, “if I kind of, sort of replicate this look, I’ll grow! Then, I’ll be able to blog full-time. Then, I’ll be able to show people who I truly am as a blogger. Then, I’ll be content!” Eh. Wrong. Didn’t work.

Last year, I started craving more… me. Classic (in nature) with a twist. That’s my style. Since I was 11 years old dressing up as “Posh Spice” for Halloween. Since wearing simple pumps and button-downs to high school (yes, I was that girl). Since college. Since forever. When I trust my gut and stay authentic to who I am, I feel cool. Not everyone agrees. And that’s ok. I own my style.

Interestingly enough, that’s when I started to grow the most too.

Coco Chanel once said, “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.”

To shop today’s look from Neiman Marcus, scroll up to the top of this post and click the pink links for outfit details!

Xo, Stephanie

P.S. – Thank you to those who submitted resumes for the intern position over the weekend! You guys are all so incredibly talented and passionate about fashion. Seriously. Please bear with me as I continue to review them 🙂 I should be in touch soon! <3 x a million.