[Chelsae Anne | Photographer]

DENIM VEST, DRESS, BAG: (c/o) Abercrombie/SANDALS: more options here/SCARF: old

Remember high school? Remember the cool kids? Maybe you were one of them. I wasn’t! That’s for sure. (More on that another day…) But I remember one girl in particular who always dressed so well. Think: super low-rise jeans with two polos layered on top of each other and the sweet scent of A&F perfume wafting by me as she took her seat. Every guy wanted to date her. And every girl wanted to be her. Her secret? Abercrombie and Fitch.

Call it my love for fashion at a young age. But I admired the way she dressed; carefully noting how she constructed her outfits. Which, for the most part, we’re fairly simple. Jeans. Signature polos. Cute sandals. Basic tees. Nothing special, really. Just really cute stuff. And all from Abercrombie.