How to Relax After Work

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Last year, feeling tense and worn out all the time because all too common for me. I never gave myself the me time I needed. So this year, I put me at the top of my list and made sure to carve out small moments in my day to take a break and relax. Which is why I was inspired to share today’s post.

I brought on friend and fellow yogi, Kate McCabe, to help share some quick pick-me-ups that anyone can do at home. Kate’s a yoga teacher in West Palm Beach, nutritionist, holistic life blogger behind Solful Health and super busy, just like mwa.

The FIRST thing you want to do is change into comfy clothing. Swap out that pencil skirt for some leggings, like this pair from Crane + Lion (they’re also high waisted and make your legs/tummy/tush look amaze) then throw on a sports bra + easy tee. Do this so you can move freely.

Tree Pose

First and foremost. Stop thinking. You can’t balance on one leg if you’re thinking about your to-do list.

Keep your breathing slow and steady. Shift your weight to one leg. Bring the opposite leg to your ankle, calf or inner thigh (avoid your knees) and place your hands heart center. Hold for 5 breathes. Switch.

Toe Pose

As a former ballerina, I love doing this pose! I hold so much tension in my feet. Especially since I’m usually running around in heels. This one’s a must for me.

But did you know an imbalance can travel all the way up to your back and shoulders? Yep. That’s why this one’s a good one.

Kneel. Tuck your toes under your tush. Keep all 10 toes on the ground (that’s the hard part) and breathe deeply. Stay for about 10-15 breathes. Then when you’re done, place your hands out in front of you to shake out the tops of your feet. 

Forward Fold

Have lower back pain? Do a forward fold. They’re great for taking pressure off your lower back + reducing tension in your neck and shoulders.

With both legs straight, reach down and grab your calves, ankles or toes. Whatever is easier for you. Feel free to bend your knees if you’re hamstrings are tight.

Breathe deeply for a few minutes. And feel that physical and emotional stress melt away.

Child’s Pose

This one’s my favorite. It helps stretch your hips, ankles and shoulders. You can place both knees underneath you (beginner) or separate your knees for a deeper hip stretch (advanced). Place your forehead on the ground. Stretch your arms out. And hangout for a couple minutes. Ahhhhh….


By far, the hardest part of relaxing is meditating. Being a former hyperactive child + professional dancer, I have LOTS of energy. But doing so helps calm my mind, wind down and relax. So you should too!

Throw on some soothing music if need be. Find a comfy spot (can be outside or near the end of your bed). Sit up nice and tall. Rest your palms (I have my palms up to help ground me). Soften your shoulders. Close your eyes. And take slow, long deep breathes in. Stay for 1-10 mins. Every time your mind wanders, bring it back to your breath.

There you go! Those are some of my favorite poses to do after a long day at work.

AND definitely check out Crane + Lion for activewear. Everything pictured in this post was from their newest collection. Talk about great prices and outstanding (yes, outstanding) quality.

Xo, Stephanie

Hello, 2016!


[Chelsae Anne | Photography]


ACTIVEWEAR: (c/o) Marshalls/SNEAKS: (c/o) Asics/BAG: (c/o) Marshalls

Hola amigos! I’m back from my mini-blog-siesta! I used my (much needed) break to enjoy the holidays and life. I also used this time to look back on my (previous) year…


2015 was a freakin’ roller coaster. I left my job and abandoned a steady paycheck to freelance. Met some cool people; lost a couple friends (who provided good lessons). Realized I can’t succeed on my own – you need mentors and friends. Learned that things don’t always pan out the way you planned, or the way you think they should be. Attended my first New York Fashion Week and interviewed designers Sophia Webster, Rebecca Taylor and Rebecca Minkoff. Got into two car accidents. Cried a lot. Laughed a lot. Traveled a bit. Did a lot of yoga. Realized I needed to take better care of myself. And pushed myself – both online and offline – out of my comfort zone…

Photo Nov 30, 6 31 23 PM

Yep, 2015 was nuts. Let’s just say that I’m glad it’s behind me. I’m also (very) happy to report that so far, 2016 has rocked.

So let’s jump right to it – my resolutions for 2016.

  1. Stay real and fearlessly blog.
  2. Write more.
  3. Less junk. Read more books, essays, listen to podcasts, etc. etc.
  4. Up my photography game
  5. Get 8 hours of sleep! Duh.
  6. Eat cleaner foods. Stay active. Learn what the term, “self care” means. 😉
  7. Travel travel travel
  8. Purchase investment piece, like a Chole “Drew” Leather Crossbody Bag… (sigh…)

Photo Nov 30, 6 32 36 PM

Ok, let’s get real now…

  1. Blog full-time by the end of the year.

The simple experience of being able to share my thoughts and outfits with you guys everyday is rewarding. To do it full-time would be awesome. My blog has helped me grow as a person. And it’s a ton of fun!

Making this one of my bigger goals this year.

Photo Nov 30, 6 52 56 PM



I’ll end with this…

  1. Launch another personal project….

Be it personal shopping, editing wardrobes or styling on the side, I’d love to provide one-on-one consultations in both South Florida and throughout the country to readers who need some style help!

What do you think? Open to your feedback! Please feel free to comment below or shoot me an email at with your thoughts and resolutions for 2016. 🙂

Wishing everyone a GREAT first Monday of the year!

Xo, Stephanie

Spring into Action!

Spring into Action_Marshalls_49

Spring into Action_Marshalls_48

Spring into Action_Marshalls_51

Spring into Action_Marshalls_47

Spring into Action_Marshalls_52

Sports Bra: (c/o) Marshalls/Yoga Pants: (c/o) Marshalls/Shoes: (c/o) Marshalls/Aviators: (old) – similar here/Yoga mat: LuluLemon/Yoga Strap: (c/o) Marshalls

Spring into Action_Marshalls_25

Spring into Action_Marshalls_29

Spring into Action_Marshalls_40

Spring into Action_Marshalls_26

Spring into Action_Marshalls_35

Spring into Action_Marshalls_38

Spring into Action_Marshalls_39

Spring into Action_Marshalls_23

Spring into Action_Marshalls_44

Spring into Action_Marshalls_7

Spring into Action_Marshalls_28

Jacket: (c/o) T.J. Maxx/Sports Bra: (c/o) Marshalls/Leggings: (c/o) Marshalls/ Shoes: (c/o) T.J. Maxx/Aviators: (old) – similar here

I went from pursuing a career in ballet to working for a PR firm in matter of three years.

Dance was a way for me to express myself through movement. It was extremely demanding on my body, and forced me to stay physically fit at all times. Often times requiring me to cross train by swimming, practicing Pilates or doing yoga on a regular basis. To land a job in a ballet company was (and still is) very hard and extremely competitive. So when I lost my job dancing for a small ballet company here in West Palm Beach, I had to make a tough decision and reconsider career paths. That’s when I decided to go back to school and eventually, work my way into a local PR firm.

To go from being physically active everyday to sitting at a desk was really hard for me. Although I always knew I would pursue a different career path at some point in my life, I struggled with transitioning into a job that kept nailed me to my desk.

At some point, I decided to go back to the gym and get active again because I was feeling crummy, stressed and overworked. I made a vow to take better care of my health and regularly hit the gym. Not only did this slowly give me a greater sense of emotional wellbeing, but it also helped reduce stress during a tough time in my life.

I also left that job!

As a ballet dancer, you put your body under a tremendous amount of stress. You’re expected to be an athlete while looking “fit.” Many times, forcing you to adhere to strict diets. I don’t know if I was burnt out or dancing way too much, but I definitely wasn’t as healthy as I am today. Now, I nurture my body with care and take working out very seriously – it’s like therapy for me (well that… and shopping of course). 😉

It took me awhile to get to the place where I wanted to be, but I’m the healthiest and happiest I’ve been in a long time since “retiring” from dance. I’m also (surprisingly) much more stronger.

With all this working out, I’ve been in dire need of some cute clothes! Because after all, I can’t be a “fashion blogger” and look like a hot mess at the gym, right?

I shop at a lot of places for activewear, but especially love shopping at Marshalls because I can find so many of my favorite brands for half the price. But you guys already know that…

They’ve recently expanded their activewear departments in the following select cities:

Coral Ridge, FL/Bradenton, FL/Destin, FL/Altamonte Springs, FL/Sanford, FL/Vero Beach, FL/Sebring, FL/Orange Park, FL/Winter Garden, FL/Sarasota, FL/Ft. Myers, FL/South Dade, FL/Orlando, FL/Sunrise, FL/Hialeah, FL/Naples, FL/Tampa, FL/Orlando, FL/West Palm Beach, FL

(Expanded departments at Marshalls can be identified with this orange sign!)


So hurry and hit those stores up! Be sure to share your favorite finds with hashtag, #fabfound!

 Phew… that was a long post. Okay, officially signing off now – thank you guys so much for reading! Seriously! Friday marked my one-year anniversary since sharing my first blog post on The Style Bungalow and I can’t thank everyone enough for being so incredibly supportive throughout this journey. I have absolutely NO idea where it’s headed, but I can’t wait share it with you!

P.S. – Comment below for a chance to score a $25 gift card to Marshalls! Winner will be picked at random.

Xo, Stephanie

Spring into Action_Marshalls_17

Spring into Action_Marshalls_15

Spring into Action_Marshalls

Spring into Action_Marshalls_13

Spring into Action_Marshalls_8

Spring into Action_Marshalls_16

Spring into Action_Marshalls_1

Spring into Action_Marshalls_10

NYC Pt. 2

Marshalls_Post Holiday_Ad_18
Outfits: c/o Marshalls
As I mentioned in my previous blog post, “NYC Pt. 1,” I teamed up with Marshalls last month to shoot a couple of looks for their “Post-Holiday,” in-store signage. Not only was it so much fun to run around the City and cram in like five different outfits in a couple of hours under the watchful eye of their awesome creative and digital teams who helped coach me throughout the process, but it was an opportunity of a lifetime to have the chance to do something that I would have never, ever – in a million years – dreamt would happen to me because of my love for fashion!
Since the signage has gone live, I’ve had a number of readers ask me why I wear so much stuff from Marshalls and why I love shopping there so much. So, to answer your question…
I’m a real girl on a real budget with a HUGE love (more like obsession) for fashion. Trust me, as much as I’d love to tote around like five different Chanel handbags and wear designer labels all the time, I can’t because that’s not realistic for me… right now. I’ve had to spend much of my life replicating high-end looks on a budget, which is the reason why I’m always shopping at Marshalls for designer goodies on sale or for trendy pieces. So I promise this love for Marshalls is real people and has been since I was like twelve years old. My mom will attest to it and my dad will tell you stories of how we used to hide shopping bags from him in the garage every time we’d go shopping there (and how we got away with it every time).
But just when I thought things couldn’t get better…
Marshalls has asked me to come back and do it again! But this time, for Spring! (See Dad! It was worth it after all!)
We’ll be shooting in beautiful and sunny Miami for the next two days! Be sure to follow along on Instagram (@thestylebungalow) to catch a glimpse at all the behind-the-scenes action!
Have a great Wednesday!
Xo, Stephanie

Activewear Pt. 2

Activewear Pt. 2_8


Activewear Pt. 2_11

Activewear Pt. 2_15

Activewear Pt. 2_7

Activewear Pt. 2_5

Activewear Pt. 2_18

Activewear Pt. 2_17

Activewear Pt. 2_1

Activewear Pt. 2_3

Activewear Pt. 2_4

Activewear Pt. 2_2


 [Chelsae Anne Photography]

Jacket: TJ Maxx $39.99/Sports Bra: (c/o) Marshalls $12.99 (normally $18)/Leggings: (c/o) Marshalls $16.99 (normally $24)/Tennis shoes: (c/o) New Balance via Marshalls $39.99 (normally $65)/Tote: (c/o) Living Pattern

My favorite workout, other than a dance class, is yoga because it’s the perfect blend of strengthening and stretching. Not only does it push my body and muscles, but it makes me feel good, too!

While yoga isn’t exactly black and white, I do try to abide by some dos and don’t when it comes to my yoga gear. First and foremost, I like to be comfortable and wear fitted clothes so I can focus on my poses and meditate instead of futzing with my outfit in the middle of class. I usually wear fitted leggings, like this pair from Marshalls, a sports bra (depending on what type of yoga I’m attending), tank top and some sort of jacket to layer up with just in case it’s a little chilly before class. I also try to wear clothing that is both made out of a breathable fabric (like a stretch cotton, jersey or spandex) and sweat resistant (especially for Bikram yoga classes).

Ready to buy new workout gear?

Head over to your local Marshalls between Oct. 23-30, share your #fabfound’s with me by commenting below or by uploading it to Instagram tagging, @thestylebungalow, and you could win a $25 gift card!


Xo, Stephanie

Project Fab

Off-duty Style



Marshalls Active_12



_MG_7162 (2)

Marshalls Active_14

Marshalls Active_15



[Chelsae Anne Photography]

Pullover: (c/o) Reebok via Marshalls $24.99 (normally $40)/Neon top: (c/o) Reebok via Marshalls $12.99 (normally $18)/Leggings: Nike (old) – similar/Sneakers: (c/o) New Balance via Marshalls $39.99 (normally $65)/Tote: (c/o) Living Pattern/Yoga mat: Lululemon $58

I don’t know about you, but sometimes all I want to do is throw on a comfy sports bra, leggings and sneakers instead of slipping into tight jeans, especially if it’s after a long week at work. Sure, wearing that old beat up t-shirt from college is comforting, tempting and familiar to some, but considering fashionable workout gear like printed leggings and ¼ pullovers are steadily on the rise and pretty much everyone here in South Florida looks impeccable at all times, even at the gym… it’s time to reconsider workout gear.

Much like a new pair of killer heels on a date, brand new workout gear gives me a dash of newfound energy to push myself at the gym because let’s face it – if I at least look good in my outfit, then I know whatever I’m doing will look good, too! The key is to wear the right pieces, like a supportive sports bra, a slimming pair of leggings or flattering top that doesn’t absorb sweat (because nobody wants to be that girl at the gym), all of which can be sported together or worn separately when running errands on the weekends.

From well-known brands like Nike to Reebok to New Balance, there’s quite the assortment of activewear at Marshalls that can take you from the street to the gym, and elevate your style – all at affordable prices. I recommend checking it out, especially between October 23-30… but more details to come about that later.

Ready to go shopping and get motivated? Good, me too! Run over to your local Marshalls today and share your #fabfound’s with me by commenting below or tagging ‘The Style Bungalow’ (@thestylebungalow) in your post on Instagram for the chance to score a $25 gift certificate!

Happy Thursday…

Xo, Stephanie

Project Fab