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So You Cut Your Hair…

[Chelsae Anne | Photographer]

WEARING: TOP: more options here/JEANS: more options here/HEELS: more options here

If there’s one question you guys ask, it’s about my hair! So today we’re talkin’ hair. This time with the help of my trusted hair stylist, Celeste, from Anushka Spa & Salon in West Palm Beach. Because let’s face it, hair is a huge part of our lives. [insert hair flip]

One of my biggest transformations happened when I cut my hair short. At first, to my collarbone. Then to my shoulders. Then to my chin. And now with bangs. Definitely in phases. But one thing has always remained the same, I believe hair, much like style (and life really) should be effortless. Easy. It should make sense. Same with your hair color (more on that here).

Naturally, my hair is bone straight. If I sleep with wet hair, I’ll wake up with perfectly straight hair. Growing up, I hated it. I wished I had curly hair. Now, I’ve learned to embrace it and how to style it. AND how to fake a natural, tousled look.

Here’s how I do it…

Start with clean, straight, dry hair. If you have fine, thick, curly or coarse hair, you’ll need to blow your hair out before you begin. Add in dollop of mouse for volume (if you have fine hair), or your favorite serum/oil for a smoother blowout (if you have curly/coarse hair).

Grab a 1-inch curling iron, like this one. You can also use a wand. (In the past, I used an inexpensive wand from Remington. Click here for more.) The goal is to create a loose feeling without curling the ends of your hair…

To do so, pinch a 1-inch section and curl your hair without clamping down on the ends. (If you’re using a wand, simply wrap your hair around the barrel and hold the ends with your fingers. And be sure to wear a protective glove.)

Continue to curl all over. Allowing for the pieces of curled hair to cool down. Remember: it doesn’t have to look perfect.

Once your curls are cooled down, grab some texturizing spray or dry shampoo and spritz the roots of your hair. We’re using Oribe texture spray here.

You’ll want to go section by section spritzing the roots of your hair… Try to avoid spraying the ends. If your hair is dry, use a spray with oil. That way it’s nourishing.

For a somewhat polished look, take a piece of hair and pin it behind one ear.

Or, shake it off! Shake it off! Using your hands, gently massage your roots and scrunch up the hair to mess it up and to create an effortless look. You can also do this by finger combing (suggested for fine hair).

Smooth out your hair with a little bit of hairspray. And voila! That’s how you do it. If you have fine hair like me, don’t wash your hair tomorrow! Throw in some dry shampoo and wear it messy to get that “just rolled out of bed” look. (What I do for blog shoots.)

A good hairstyle depends on a good haircut so definitely visit your stylist (or Celeste at Anushka!) to figure out what works best with your hair texture and face shape.

Newbies to Anushka – text: BLOWDRY to (561) 820-0500 for a special surprise!

Comment below if you have any questions! Happy Sunday!

Xo, Stephanie

[Thank you Anushka Spa & Salon for sponsoring this post!]

My Skin Fix

[Chelsae Anne | Photography]

In last month’s blog post “Why I love Balayage,” I mentioned doing a three-part series highlighting my favorite treatments (and pro’s) at Anushka Spa, Salon & Cosmedical Centre in West Palm Beach. Last month, I talked about hair color. This month, I’m talking about skincare!

I first learned about skincare when I started working at Anushka in my early twenties. Aestheticians would tell me, “wash, tone, moisturize and apply sunscreen every day.” Which I did – kind of. At minimum, I would wash and moisturize. Occasionally, I would apply sunscreen.

I realized I needed to pay better attention to my skin around my mid-twenties. For the first time, I started to notice small brown spots and freckles. Dry patches whenever the weather would change. And breakouts. Breakouts!

In high school, I had perfect skin. In my early twenties, I had perfect skin. I never experienced a “breakout” until my mid-twenties. “Why is this happening to me,” I would say to my doctor. “You’re experiencing adult acne,” he would say. Turns out acne isn’t just for teens. As an adult, things like stress or changes in your hormone levels can cause acne.

Which made sense. Around this time, I left my PR job. Broke up with a boyfriend. I started freelancing for the first time. My blog was growing… and I was becoming increasingly self-conscious about my skin. At times, hiding my face from the camera because I was so embarrassed. It completely hurt my self-esteem.

I’ll never forget this one woman who came to Anushka with tears in her eyes. She had the worst case of acne I had ever seen, in my life. “Please. Please. I’m begging you. I need someone to help me with my skin. I’m getting married soon,” she said as I suggested she make an appointment with, Uslin, one of the top aestheticians at Anushka. Eight weeks later, her skin completely changed. I couldn’t believe it.

My skin is better… Breakouts flare up every now and then. But for the most part, it’s improved thanks to regular facials (every six to eight weeks), stronger products and stress management. However, those pesky marks left behind from pimples, sunspots and freckles – not so much.

I recently saw Dr. Bonnie Marting, an expert in cosmetic dermatology at Anushka, to fix this problem. She suggested an IPL, also known as an Intense Pulsed Light treatment (laser) to remove my brown spots, sun damage (thanks Florida), acne scars and to help tighten and refine my pores. “It’s one of the best treatments you can do to have a radiant complexion,” according to her.

Let me preface this next part by saying: an IPL is no massage. It’s a little scary. No, it doesn’t hurt. It’s just shocking because intense pulses of light hit your face. But it’s quick. So no biggie.

What it does: causes collagen and blood vessels below the skin to constrict, reducing redness and age lines. Here’s a picture of me (with no makeup) right after the treatment. As you can see, there’s a little bit of redness and swelling.

Following the treatment, brown spots get darker, scab and eventually flake off. This was taken right after the gym.

A couple days later… (right after ballet class!). As you can see, my complexion is getting smoother.

Dr. Bonnie suggests using a good sunscreen product after the treatment. For those of you wondering, there’s no downtown.

For the next part of my treatment, I did a SilkPeel with Uslin. A silkpeel is a lot like a microdermabrasion treatment except it doesn’t use crystals to exfoliate the skin. And it infuses the skin with hydrating products. The result? Immediate improvement in volume, hydration and tone. Revitalized skin.

Ideal candidates have mild to moderate acne. Dark spots and sun damage. Dry and dehydrated skin or a rough skin texture. And little fine lines and wrinkles. I.E. anyone in their 20-30s!

As soon as you walk out, you feel great. However if you have a wedding to attend, Uslin suggests getting the treatment two weeks before the big day.

Here’s a selfie taken two weeks after my IPL + one week after my silkpeel.

I’ve also introduced a retinol into my night regime and – wow. WOW. It’s helped normalize my skin, and encourage it to shed and rebuild in healthier ways. It was a little irritating at first but after two weeks of use, my skin got used to it. Dr. Bonnie says retinols are a “miracle product.”

Do these treatments + products work? Absolutely. I feel like I’m in high school again. My skin feels amazing. Every day it gets better, brighter and tighter.

First timer to Anushka? Mention my blog, The Style Bungalow, to receive $25 off your next service of $75 or more! For online book, use code: 25OFFNCBL

As always, thanks for stopping by!

Xo, Stephanie

Beat the Heat

Tularosa Amelia Lace Off-the-Shoulder Dress

Tularosa Amelia Lace Off-the-Shoulder Dress

Tularosa Amelia Lace Off-the-Shoulder Dress

[Chelsae Anne | Photography]

DRESS: Here/SHOES: (c/o) NA-KD (use code: BUNGALOW20 for 20% off)/SUNNIES: Save, splurge

Between Swim Week and traveling, I’ve been nonstop lately. Last weekend was nuts. Swim Week felt JUST LIKE Fashion Week except shorter. I bounced from show to show, event to lounge to meeting to event to lounge – like a crazy person! By the end of each night, I looked terrible… my makeup was gone, my mascara was smudged, my hair was frizzy and I had lots of blisters from wearing wedges and heels all night. But whatever, I was just happy to be there and to be around so many of my (new) and old friends! The fashion world is SO small and it’s always such a treat to run into people you haven’t seen in forever.

Anyways, I’m super pumped to finally get a chance to sit down (currently: at Tout Suite in Houston – if you haven’t been there, check it out!), collect my thoughts and share tonight’s look with you! It’s a good one…

Tularosa Amelia Lace Off-the-Shoulder Dress

Tularosa Amelia Lace Off-the-Shoulder Dress

As I mentioned last week, I’ve started to embrace a different kind of style because it’s SO hot in South Florida right now -> tousled hair, natural makeup and little to no jewelry or accessories. Because less is more when it comes to summer heat. Trust me! The last thing you want to deal with is your makeup melting, your jewelry sticking to your body from sweating so much or your clothing getting wrinkled (ugh, major pet peeve of mine).

Photo Jul 21, 10 19 59 PM

This dress, from Tularosa (I know, another one!) via Saks Fifth Avenue Boca Raton is a great option. It runs slightly big so size down if you can. It’s off-the-shoulder, a big trend this year, and won’t wrinkle because of the type of fabric it’s constructed out of. Pair it with gladiator heels (like these, from NA-KDuse code: Bungalow20 for 20% off!) or with lace up sandals.

Shop it below!

Xo, Stephanie

Hello Summer!

Photo Jun 10, 12 36 25 PM

Summer with Prose & Poetry

Photo Jun 10, 12 34 18 PM

[Chelsae Anne | Photography]

TOP: (c/o) Saks Fifth Avenue/JEANS: Lovers and Friends – similar here/WEDGES: Forever 21/BAG: old – similar here and here

Happy first day of summer everyone! Today marks the start of sweet summertime, long days, backyard barbecues, and sweltering heat here in South Florida. It’s also one of the longest days of the year! That’s because of the summer solstice. AKA the time of year when the sun reaches the highest point in the sky!

Photo Jun 10, 12 39 43 PM

Photo Jun 10, 12 33 17 PM

I’m back from my mini-getaway in Miami Beach. I spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Circa39 Hotel. Even though I spend a lot of time in Miami, it’s nice to be there for three consecutive days, especially with my best friend and photographer. Miami is one of my favorite cities! Anyways, stay tuned for the recap later this week – I’ll be sharing 5 new looks with you guys and a peek inside the hotel!

Photo Jun 10, 12 14 03 PM

Photo Jun 10, 12 34 20 PM

I recently discovered Prose & Poetry at Saks Fifth Avenue in Boca Raton after stumbling upon this adorable top in the contemporary section. After looking through the collection, I was in love. With inventive twists and sculptural details, each piece is to die for! Totally up my alley. It’s also reasonably priced considering the quality is so good! Click here to see more from their collection…

Photo Jun 10, 12 38 26 PM

Photo Jun 10, 12 38 01 PM

Distressed jeans, wedges (on major repeat) and an old beach tote completed the look! Shop similar items below.

Photo Jun 10, 12 36 26 PM

That wraps up today’s look! I’m off to shoot more outfits for the blog – follow along on Snapchat (@stylebungalow) for all the behind-the-scenes goofiness. Have a great evening!

Xo, Stephanie

Slidin’ into Monday

The Style Bungalow

The Style Bungalow

The Style Bungalow

[Chelsae Anne | Photography] 

TOP: (c/o) Storets/SHORTS: (c/o) Storets/SLIDES: Forever 21 – similar here, here and here/WATCH: (c/o) Larsson & Jennings

Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by…

Yesterday I shared a video of my apartment with popular blog, Style Me Pretty on Facebook. I added new baskets, a kitchen rug, throw pillows and more. If didn’t catch it, click here to see it now!

For those who already watched and commented on the video, thank you! I get really shy speaking in front of a camera (and in public) so I appreciate your sweet and encouraging words!

The Style Bungalow

The Style Bungalow

The Style Bungalow

I recently discovered online boutique, Storets, while scrolling through some of my favorite blogs on Instagram. I went online and checked it out, ordered a few pieces and fell in love with this store! Guys, it’s awesome. Everything is reasonably priced, super cute and trendy. The quality is great, too!

The Style Bungalow

My shorts look like a men’s shirt tied around my waist. I love how unique they are! Click here for more…

The Style Bungalow

The Style Bungalow

The Style Bungalow

I recently found these slides at Forever 21 for $4.99. Yes, $4.99! I couldn’t believe they were on sale and so cheap. They’re also no longer available online so click here, here and here for similar (and slightly better quality) styles or dash out to your local F21 store to see if they’re still in-store.

As always, shop today’s outfit below…

Xo, Stephanie

P.S.: One more thing…. Please don’t forget to keep loving others, regardless of their thoughts, actions, religious or political views. Sometimes one small act of kindness, such as befriending someone who feels alone or who has no friends in their life or who has hatred in their heart, can dramatically change things and prevent someone from succumbing to mental illness or to acts of violence. We’ve seen mass shootings one too many times now. And it pains me to think that a little bit of love could have made a difference… In the face of all this hate and violence, please unite, continue to love one another and #PrayForOrlando.

Gone with the Wind

abs by allen schwartz

abs by allen schwartz

abs by allen schwartz

abs by allen schwartz

abs by allen schwartz

[Chelsae Anne | Photography]

TOP & SKIRT: (c/o) ABS by Allen Schwartz Collection/EARRINGS & SHELL BANGLES: H&M/HEELS: Nordstrom

Ever have one of those moments where you try on something, strut outside of the dressing room to see it from a different angle (and because, let’s be honest – it looks fantastic on you and you want the rest of the world to see it) and say, “DONE. Here’s my credit card. I’ll take it in the other color, too! Thanks.”

That’s how I felt wearing this beautiful look from ABS by Allen Schwartz Collection.


abs by allen schwartz

abs by allen schwartz

At first glance, it looks like a dress but it’s actually two pieces: a pleated midi skirt with a matching sleeveless blouse. Both the skirt and blouse have a smooth nude lining underneath a layer of chiffon that move gracefully as you walk…

abs by allen schwartz

abs by allen schwartz

abs by allen schwartz

abs by allen schwartz

Paired together, this outfit looks amazing. Separately, both pieces look just as great. I’ve worn this skirt with a black crop top and lace up sandals. It also looks great with a simple tank and a black leather jacket. The blouse can be worn with jeans and a belt cinched at the waist, too. Either way, both styles work just as well for off-duty days as they do for a special night out on the town.

abs by allen schwartz

For those of you who haven’t already discovered this designer, ABS by Allen Schwartz (carried at Bloomingdale’s and Lord & Taylor) is an affordable luxury lifestyle brand that caters to the contemporary women who is always ahead of the trend. From work to evening, each piece is designed with high quality fabrics (as evident in today’s look) with an attention to detail.

abs by allen schwartz

Check out the rest of the collection here.

Xo, Stephanie

Neutral on Neutral

The Style Bungalow

The Style Bungalow

The Style Bungalow

The Style Bungalow

The Style Bungalow

The Style Bungalow

The Style Bungalow

The Style Bungalow

[Chelsae Anne | Photography] 

TOP: here/SHORTS: Express/TOTE: Similar here, here, here and here/WEDGES: Forever 21/HAT: H&M/CHOKER: Similar

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far! As of right now, South Florida’s weather is wet and windy due to Tropical Storm Colin. #Ugh – Usually it’s bright and sunny around this time of year. I wish it were like that today…

The Style Bungalow

The Style Bungalow

On the “bright” side (ha), rainy days are the perfect days to stay inside and catch up on work. Hence today’s look! This outfit was shot a couple days ago on a dock along the Intracoastal in West Palm Beach. To be honest, I didn’t put much thought into it. I was crunched for time. So, I threw on my favorite off-the-shoulder top with a pair of shorts, grabbed a hat and an old beach tote that was sitting near my bed. I ran to the mirror to check my outfit and thought, “something is missing?” So, I quickly grabbed one of my old scarves, cut it in half (I do this from time to time), tied it around my neck and dashed out to shoot with Chelsae Anne. And voilà! One of my favorite outfits…

The Style Bungalow

My friends always ask, “How do you put together outfits so quickly?” Of which, I answer, “It’s simple. I use a color wheel.” The color wheel is one of my biggest secrets. It’s not complicated! You just look at a color and pick the one directly across from it or the color that’s next to it to make an outfit. You can also keep it in the family and pair neutrals with neutrals (as pictured), pastels with pastels, earth tones with earth tones, etc. etc.

The same applies to your wardrobe. Create a strong foundation with basic colors (i.e. whites, blacks, creams, etc.). Figure out what 3 to 4 colors look best with your hair color and skin tone and build the rest of your wardrobe from there. Doing so, will create a cohesive wardrobe and make getting ready in the morning super easy.

Wanna learn more about it? Check out Fashion Bomb Daily’s article on using a color wheel and Cosmopolitan Magazine’s article on color mixing.

As always, feel free to comment below with questions! Thanks for stopping by…

Xo, Stephanie

Flower Power

IMG_1809 (1)

IMG_1820 (1)

[Chelsae Anne | Photography]

DRESS: (c/o) Chic Wish/HEELS: Steve Madden/BAG: (c/o) Violet Ray – SIMILAR/JEWELS: Berry Brand & Maya Brennar

With fun beach days, stacks of books to read and sunset sails with friends, I think summer is undeniably one of the best times of the year. But the heat on the other hand, is not that great for style. And as predicted, it’s only getting hotter.

IMG_1828 (1)

Simple tasks like getting dressed are getting harder, especially if you’re trying to look pulled together.

IMG_1812 (1)

So what do you do when there’s dates to be had… weekends to have fun… weddings to attend?


You opt for easy-to-pull-on styles.

IMG_1810 (1)

Like this dress from Chic Wish. A pretty tropical print plus an off-the-shoulder silhouette means you can wear it day or night. It keeps you cool, but is still feminine and cute.

IMG_1811 (1)

I cinched it in with a belt to define my waistline, but you can wear it without one. Both ways are chic.


IMG_1815 (1)

Did I mention this dress is only $55?

Shop it below!

Xo, Stephanie



[Chelsae Anne | Photography]

DRESS: (c/o) Marshalls – Save, Spend, Splurge/WEDGES: (c/o) Marshalls – SIMILAR/NECKLACE: (c/o) Pachulah/CUFFS: (c/o) Bungalow 9 & Berry Brand

In case you missed it, there’s a #FabTravelingBag from Marshalls that’s traveling all over the country from one Project Fab bloggers to the next. It’s been everywhere from California to New York City to Charlotte. This week, it’s with me in West Palm Beach…


Facetune (21)

I took it to one of my favorite spots – the Lake Trail in Palm Beach over the weekend. Lake Trail is a small trail that runs along the Intracoastal near some of the most beautiful homes on the island. It’s great to run, bike or chill out at sunset. It’s also a great spot to snap a picture of the city of West Palm Beach.


Since moving to West Palm Beach, I’ve fallen in love with this city over and over again. There are so many cool, unique places everywhere you turn and the beach is like literally… five minutes away from my apartment so it rocks. I’ve also met some incredible people. I feel very, very blessed to live in such a beautiful city.

Facetune (20)

For today’s look, I wore a chambray wrap dress with Steve Madden wedges compliments of Marshalls.


Facetune (22)



I accessorized this look with lots and lots of delicate gold jewelry (looks best when you have a tan) and the #FabTravelingBag, of course!

Facetune (23)



See where the bag goes next by following the hashtag on Instagram or Pinterest board!



Shop today’s post below!


Xo, Stephanie